Marketing in a Post-COVID-19 World

COVID-19 makes some traditional marketing channels all but useless. Trade show appearances, in-person sales calls, and user conferences, for example, are of little use in a COVID-19 world. They don’t engage customers the way they did before the virus or provide the same return on investment (ROI) as in the past. In fact, the ROI from these channels is probably the lowest it’s ever been.

If you’re looking to generate growth, increase profitability, and boost market share, in a COVID-19 world, you need to find more powerful ways to promote your company’s products and services. Put another way, you need to find ways that help you beat today’s critical COVID-19 marketing challenges and provide a solid ROI.

Digital marketing does all of that and more. Social media campaigns, live web streaming, PPC, multimedia marketing, and other digital marketing tools can help you own your marketplace. In today’s uncertain world, digital marketing is just what the doctor ordered. It can transform you from an average player in your arena to an industry leader.

“Digital marketing was big before COVID-19,” says Griffe Youngleson of ZURV. “It’s even bigger now. It’s the best and most effective means of reaching the masses in the coronavirus era. It’s quick, low-cost, and easy to personalize. It’s no wonder more and more companies are using it to boost growth.” 

Web-Based Marketing Gains Traction

Web-based marketing is a digital marketing approach that’s gaining more and more traction in the post-COVID-19 era. This approach works for businesses of any size and in any industry. It’s ideal for companies that once depended on trade shows, personal sales calls, and conferences to generate leads and boost business—whether they’re B2B or B2C.

“With web-based marketing, B2B and B2C companies can market directly to conference attendees at a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per client acquisition than traditional marketing tools,” says Youngleson. “Put simply, Web-based marketing delivers, and it delivers big time.”

More important, says, Youngleson, web-based marketing is measurable and manageable. Plus, it’s easy to determine ROI. In fact, one of the best benefits of web-based marketing is its ability to quantify results for companies using it. That’s critical when trying to drive growth and hold the line on costs.

Build Brand Recognition with Multimedia

Multimedia marketing is another dynamic digital marketing tool for the COVID-19 era. This marketing combines several media forms—social media, live web streaming, print advertising, email, smartphones—to reach key target audiences. It’s ideal for building brand recognition, generating leads, and engaging customers.

Multimedia marketing is relatively new. But it’s proving itself a reliable marketing tool that drives business. Companies that use it to reach customers do well. Like its Web-based counterpart, multimedia marketing helps you tap an enormous pool of prospects the way they want to be contacted. 

For example, according to a 2012 Survey by Pew Research Center, 62% of U.S. adults used their smartphones to get information or help them make a purchasing decision in the last month. More specifically, 30% used their smartphone to decide whether to visit a business. If you’re not reaching customers using their smartphones, you’re missing out.

The Bottom Line

Web-based marketing and multimedia marketing are powerful marketing tools in the COVID-19 era. They’re robust, reliable, and cost-effective. They offer real benefits that can’t be ignored by today’s businesses, including a solid and measurable ROI. These tools can supercharge your marketing efforts.

“We’re finding that web-based marketing and multimedia are the best and quickest way to pitch a company’s products or services directly to target audiences,” says ZURV’s Youngleson. “Using these digital marketing tools is a savvy move for any business.” 

But these tools have their disadvantages and pitfalls. Security and privacy issues, for example, are challenges that businesses using these digital marketing approaches will need to overcome. Working with experienced marketing professionals, like the consultants at ZURV, can help you beat these challenges and squeeze the most out of your resources.

Web-based marketing and multimedia marketing are ideal for businesses of any size in any industry that want to reach target audiences quickly and cost-effectively. With traffic on the Web going up, these marketing approaches are fast becoming the “go-to” promotional channels in the post-COVID-19 era.