Secure IT & Remote Workers (Covid-19)

Your Business & Covid-19

Enable your associates to work securely from home.

Did the COVID-19 crisis sneak up on you? If it did, you are not alone. Business managers, worldwide, were caught flat-footed by COVID-19. Now they are scrambling to transition their work structure to remote usability which is unchartered territory for many companies. With the COVID-19 outbreak still on the rise, remote work is, for the time being, the new norm. 

However, there are certain challenges that arise with remote work. One of the most prominent being security, specifically data security. For example, nearly 30% of remote workers do not use screen locks when working remotely. Compliance with data security measures (i.e. NIST’s best practices, utilizing secure VPN) is curtailed with this current transition in the work structure. 

Furthermore, if your company handles personal health information (PHI) compliance with HIPPA regulations is vital. Violating these regulations can be costly, fines range from $100 to $50,000 per violation (or per record), and a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per year for each violation. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has also imposed criminal penalties in the past for violations. 

ZURV IT can help you navigate the chaos, and set up remote work stations so your employees can work efficiently and securely from home. This includes the ability to read and respond to business e-mails, safely access important files and programs from internal networks, and maintain unobstructed communication and resource sharing between coworkers, teams, and departments. With a system like this in place, business operations can continue as normal in the face of illness, natural disasters, and many other potential disruptions to your workflow. 

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ZURV’s Managed IT Services can assist you with just about any IT challenge you face. Concerned about ransomware threats or employees doing backups? Is your system or network running slowly? Do you need to streamline or build an IT team? ZURV Managed IT can help you tackle any of these challenges. 

ZURV’S Managed IT is like having a 24×7 IT department and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for a fraction of the cost. Below are just some of the issues ZURV Managed IT can help you tackle:

  1. Audit, secure, and speed up your network.
  2. Handle daily end-user and server problems.
  3. Support your old, clunky “must-have” industry software.
  4. Negotiate on your behalf with 3rd party vendors such as your Internet Provider.
  5. Deploy and manage a secure and reliable file storage system accessible from within and outside the office.
  6. Ensure only those who need access to sensitive information have it while blocking access when employees leave the company.
  7. Reduce your spam and improve your email reliability.

ZURV Managed IT remotely monitors and manages your network so it can resolve problems proactively. It also provides a monthly or quarterly IT Health reports, so you always have insight into how we are performing. Furthermore, any member of your organization can initiate a support request and a ZURV Support Engineer will remotely connect to their machine within minutes. 

ZURV Managed IT beats having an “in-house” IT. ZURV doesn’t take days off and isn’t away on a weekend or on a vacation. ZURV won’t be a disgruntled employee who may potentially leak your data or treat it like a bargaining chip in a negotiation. Nor will you have to worry about a single person holding the keys to your empire. Instead, you’ll get an experienced, highly-skilled team of engineers that can tackle the toughest IT challenges out there quickly and cost-effectively. 

Put simply, ZURV Managed IT can help you overcome the daily technical issues like COVID-19 that can hinder your growth as a company.  

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