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What happens when you Google yourself, or use any major search engine? Does your website show up? If your listing appears beyond the first one or two pages, you're in the no man's land of online search. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can not only help carry you back to civilization but also put your business directly in front of the clients you want.

Rank Higher with SEO

At ZURV, we understand the fundamental principles behind the often technical and complex criteria used by major search engines like Yahoo and Bing to rank web sites. After just a few months of our SEO service, clients generally start to see a significant improvement in their rankings for important keywords that relate to their product or service.

Sophisticated and Valuable Links

Search engines don't share all of the secrets of their algorithms, but we know they assess the popularity of sites based on the number of trustworthy sites that link to them. To ensure a status of trustworthiness for your site, we'll focus on topic-specificity and proper anchor text, increasing the desirability of your content. 

SEO Search Engine Optimization

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ZURV is a web design, web marketing, development, and technology solution company. ZURV offers a unique array of services such as design, brand creation, IT management, and search engine optimization (SEO) under a single roof. ZURV strives to be your most valuable technology partner.

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