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Today it is easier than ever to be seen and heard by millions of people, whether you're promoting your start-up, sharing news, offering advice, or selling a new line of products. All of this visibility, though, comes at the price of increased competition. ZURV works one-on-one with you to design effective web sites that reflect your business' unique identity. We'll also help you achieve what consumers want to see most, beautiful design.

With web design you can't take any element for granted. Type face. Icons. Info graphics. Color. Lay out. It all matters. It all contributes to the narrative you're creating around your brand. In fact, it's worth emphasizing that design and brand are meaningless without each other. With all the factors of doing business that are out of your control, you don't want to cede control over design. Just think, good design can direct the path users' eyes take while scanning the screen! 

Based on what we know works in good design, we will

  • Prioritize the experience. Users require ease of functionality.
  • Ensure accessible content. Navigating your web site should feel effortless.
  • Employ strong visuals that create the tone, mood, and style you want.
  • Be direct. Your consumers will have no doubt they're in the right place.
  • Be concise. Knowing that users are selective with their time, your web site should be topic-specific.
  • Tell your story in a variety of ways. Use strong, relevant visuals, good web copy, and sharp audio.

Easy to Edit Web Sites

Your web site can be one of your greatest marketing tools. If it's difficult for you to update and make changes to your site, however, your business value will quickly deteriorate and your brand will be irrelevant to potential customers. We have a fix. Let's build your site on a content management system (CMS.) All of ZURV's Premium and Business Class web sites are built either on our custom CMS, AXIS or on a 3rd party CMS of your choice, like Wordpress. Through AXIS, you simply log-in to your web-based administration account to edit your web sites. Update content whenever, wherever.

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Search Engine Friendly

ZURV's custom web sites are designed to be search-engine friendly. We achieve this by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles in the development of the code and other important elements of the web site. SEO can increase the volume and quality of traffic directed to your web site by search engines via natural - organic or algorithmic - search results. Well-written code is the foundation of any good web site and it plays an important role in bringing your business to the top of search engine results.

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Responsive Web Design for Mobile

Responsive web design gives your business a mark of sophistication. It's very now, from a marketing perspective. ZURV designs your web site so that it gracefully molds itself to the screen on all devices, including large to small monitors, tablets, and mobile devices. Responsive sites do more than stretch and shrink a web site. We have the agility to select which elements to show and which to hide on smaller screens, while taking full advantage of the space on larger ones. 

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Professional Sites, from Start to Finish

Once the layout of the site has been determined, in collaboration with you, our expert team of developers get to work building the web site from scratch. This means that we design the site. We don't use pre-made templates. We create the layout. We write the code. The final product is a beautiful, professional, completely one-of-a-kind website.

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